What Higher Purpose Does Your Business Serve?

“Any business that exists solely to make money is not worth doing. Businesses must serve a higher societal purpose to truly excel.” – Mukesh Ambani


The people that just chase money rarely make it in business, it’s the entrepreneurs that want to make a positive impact and provide the largest value that get paid the most.


Being in business is about help other human beings to solve their problems and at the core of every successful business is a desire to make the world a better place.


The bigger and harder the problem the business solves and the larger the number of people the problem affects, the more valuable the solution will be and the more money it will make.


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It’s not just solutions on a global scale that are important to the world though, those that are on a local scale can have just as big an impact.


Global Impact


The latest global company that’s changing the way we live is Tesla. With the mounting evidence that climate change is a large and looming issue for the whole of mankind, Tesla created an electric powered performance car and now a family car.


They have also solved the issue of how their cars can be powered using green electricity by cleverly developing a battery that will store solar energy collected during the day so that their cars can be powered by it during the evening.


These developments are going to revolutionise the way we not only power cars in the future but the way we are able to cleanly power our homes.


Airbnb has enabled people to rent out rooms and sublet houses to bring in additional income and is changing the way we holiday.


Uber is disrupting the way in which we use taxis by solving the issue of bad service and bad customers, encouraging drivers to work during peak times with higher rates and avoiding the need for the customer to carry cash.


Apple, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter all changed the way we communicate and spread information across the world by providing technological solutions to one of the most important of human needs; the need to connect with others.


These are all global companies, but what about local ones having adding real value.


Small Businesses Having a Big Impact


In an outer suburb of Melbourne called Hurstbridge, there is a fabulous shop called The Little Organic Shop, who are a fierce supporter of local farmers growing organic produce. The little shop firmly believes in growing and eating seasonal local produce that reduces carbon footprint, supporting local business owners and encouraging people to eat more healthily by creating convenient, seasonal vegetable boxes for their customers.


Their dream is to help their own community to live a more healthy, sustainable life and to inspire other communities to do the same.


In Perth, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist Kirstin Bouse has developed a program called The Conscious Mother that takes a positive and proactive approach to supporting women through early motherhood.


The program helps women from early pregnancy to prepare them for motherhood. Then it continues to support them through the different stages of parenthood, guide them on their journey of becoming the mother they want to be and reducing their chances of them experiencing postnatal depression and anxiety.


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What’s Your Difference That’s Making the Difference?


None of these businesses were started because the business owner merely wanted to earn a living, all were started because the founders had a dream and felt passionately about solving a human problem.


What Higher Purpose Does Your Business Serve?


There are two questions to ask yourself about your business:


  1. What problem does your business solve for others?
  2. What higher societal purpose does it impact?


The bigger the problem it solves and the more value you can add to the world the more successful you will become.


Make it your mission to be unrelenting in the pursuit to create huge value to the world, then financial reward will become the outcome and not the purpose.

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