The Pitfall of Failing to Meet Your Clients Expectations

Miss-Matched Expectations


I read a Tony Robins article last weekend about relationships and he talked about how the expectations both partners have of each other are very subjective; in fact simply just an opinion.

If left unchecked these mis-matched expectations can lead to bickering over the smallest things like how the towels are folded or how the fridge is stacked! (Sound familiar??)

The same is true of relationships in business. If your clients expectations are different to yours this may lead to an unhappy relationship.

There will always be some clients that are not a good fit for you to do business with, just like every guy or girl you meet in a bar is not someone you should marry.  The key there is to filter them out before you do business with them.

For those clients you do decide to do business with it’s important to align your expectations.

No one wants an unhappy customer; we want our customers to be beaming and feel like not only have their expectations been met but that they have been wowed!

One way that some businesses fall short of expectations is by over promising to get the sale.

A few months ago I bought a piece of furniture from a well-known furniture store. When I made my purchase the sales girl assured me that the goods would be delivered within two weeks.

Four weeks later they had not arrived and when I located my receipt to give them a call I noticed that the information the girl had given me verbally in the store was not the same as the estimated time of arrival (ETA) on the receipt, something I had not noticed at the time.

When I called their customer service department to get an update on my order they told me that they didn’t expect it in for at least another two weeks.  When I pointed out what I had been told in the store by the sales girl, the lady on the end sighed heavily and told me to take it up with the store, that there was nothing she could do about it.

In the end the two weeks turned into six and my experience of this company, their customer service and attitude was so underwhelming that I’ll never buy from them again.

Feeling Valued

I also had an experience with a company just recently that I felt really got it right.   They are an online beauty product company and I was ordering from them for the first time.

My expectation from past experience with similar online companies was that it would take ten days or so to arrive, if I was lucky.

I was totally astounded that not only did my parcel take a mere three days to arrive, included in the box was a hand written card saying that they hoped I enjoyed my goodies and here are a few samples of other product that they thought I might like to try.

Of course I did love them and placed anther order with them that week.

This is such a small but powerful gesture. It made me as a customer feel valued and it totally exceeded my expectations.

Your clients experience of doing business with you is just as important as the product its self.  Never promise more than you are actually able to deliver, deliver more value than they ever expected.

Make it your mission to find small ways in which you can wow your clients every day and turn them into raving fans.

Claire Whitelaw Brown
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Claire Whitelaw Brown

Business Consultant at CWB Growth Business Strategies
Claire is a business strategist passionate about helping accountants grow revenue, profits and cash flow.

As well as being a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) and ex-CFO with over 20 years experience, she has also worked extensively with small and medium sized business owners to help them grow profitable businesses.

She's also a certified coach, NLP practitioner, Metadynamics TM Consultant and contributor for Kochie’s Business Builders.
Claire Whitelaw Brown
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