Most solopreneurs have turned a passion into a business and they truly love what they do.

At CWB we will help you get clear on what you want, create a pathway forward that both stretches you and is achievable.

We will help you to put structure in place that will ease the demands on your time and increase your profitability.

You will gain confidence as a business owner and build a business that you are not only passionate about but gives you the life style YOU want.

The challenge they face is that although they know a lot about their passion they can feel quite lost in the day to day of how to run a successful business.

‘I am a pretty determined person and have large visions and goals that float around in my head. Sometimes, however, these become so large that I am unable to see the way forward.

Working with Claire enabled me to take steps that moved me forward in the direction I wanted to go. She gave me extremely useful tools for dealing with fear and anxiety that I continue to use every day.

Through working with Claire I was able to look at challenges with a new mindset of excitement and enjoyment. Not only this, I became increasingly able to trust myself and I feel confident in my ability to tackle anything I set my mind to. What an gift!’

Tess Barlett, Melbourne

‘As someone who is just starting out I had often the feelings of overwhelm and lack of focus with regard to my business. Claire helped me to sort out my personal issues and to get myself to a higher level. With this new strength I was able to serve my clients better and to be more calm in my daily business.’

Luba Heinz, Germany

About CWB Business Growth Strategies

When you work with us, you get us on your team.

We help to accelerate the growth of businesses and individuals who are in the pursuit of exceptional results.

Featured on Kochie's Business Builders website
Featured on Kochie's Business Builders website


Most solopreneurs have turned a passion into a business and they truly love what they do.
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