Myths Busted: What It Takes To Be Successful

There are plenty of myths out there about what it takes to be successful.  I want to bust a few with you today to enable you to move forward, achieve your goals and have a spectacular 2016.

One myth that I often hear is that you need to be naturally talented or have a high IQ.  I have personally found this to be untrue.  I left school with 2 GCSE’s at C or above, neither one of them was in maths and I still went on to qualify to become a chartered accountant and clime the ladder to CFO.

I also hear that you have to have a lot of self belief to get ahead.  I can tell you that there were times in my journey that I really, really genuinely didn’t believe in myself, but that didn’t stop me and I kept going regardless.

I also hear that you need to have a clear plan before you make a move.  This is also not true, you need to have a bit of a plan and then you need to take action, learn from that action and then take your next step.  You can’t possible design a fail safe plan from the start because you will only have so much information available to you, the rest you will find out once you start moving.

Another one I hear is that you have to be lucky.  A personal favourite of mine.  I can tell you now, I didn’t feel very lucky when I was sat at my kitchen table studying late into the night or at the weekend, after I’d been at working full time in a very responsible job.  All my friends were out partying and I was home studying alone.

No you don’t need to have luck, what you do need is grit and determination.  You need to be prepared to keep going for long periods of time whilst other people are going out with their mates or spending time with their family.  You sometimes have to be prepared to give up things to achieve your goals.

I hope you have found this useful and I look forward to recording more business tips and inspiration very soon. 🙂

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Claire Whitelaw Brown

Business Consultant at CWB Growth Business Strategies
Claire is a business strategist passionate about helping accountants grow revenue, profits and cash flow.

As well as being a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) and ex-CFO with over 20 years experience, she has also worked extensively with small and medium sized business owners to help them grow profitable businesses.

She's also a certified coach, NLP practitioner, Metadynamics TM Consultant and contributor for Kochie’s Business Builders.
Claire Whitelaw Brown
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