How to Execute your Idea and Start Winning

Great ideas really are a dime a dozen in business. Everybody has them but yet there are still so few that actually make it to market.

Making an idea a success is all in the execution. Great entrepreneurs don’t just conceive awesome ideas they make them happen.


Here’s a few ways to make sure your great ideas don’t die a slow death.


  1. Create a plan that takes your idea from the high level (vision, mission etc), through objectives, strategies and down to actions that you can start to implement (only needs to be one page, not War and Peace)


  1. Don’t be a data collector. You only need 50-70% of the information available to get moving; anything else and you are procrastinating.


  1. Effectively communicate your idea to others. You need to get buy in from those that you need support from like friends and family, your potential customers and even investors and banks.


  1. Be flexible. Keep your eye on your vision but be flexible on the route by which you get there. If you’re in Melbourne and you want to get to Sydney, there is more than one road that will take you there, so if you find road you are on is not working be prepared to take another route.


  1. Be disciplined. Don’t get distracted by what I call ‘shiny ball syndrome’ and get sidetracked by something that looks more attractive than the hard work executing your idea takes. No one ever said it would be easy, if it was everyone would be doing it.


Most of all, take continual and unwavering action, every day.

Claire Whitelaw Brown
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Claire Whitelaw Brown

Business Consultant at CWB Growth Business Strategies
Claire is a business strategist passionate about helping accountants grow revenue, profits and cash flow.

As well as being a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) and ex-CFO with over 20 years experience, she has also worked extensively with small and medium sized business owners to help them grow profitable businesses.

She's also a certified coach, NLP practitioner, Metadynamics TM Consultant and contributor for Kochie’s Business Builders.
Claire Whitelaw Brown
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