Five Steps To Make Your Big Idea Happen

So you have any idea, it might be a big lofty, audacious idea that makes your heart flutter a little at the thought and you have no clue how to get it started.


It can seem very overwhelming when you are stood at the bottom of the mountain looking up. The top can seem like a very long way away and the path you need to take may look scary and be shrouded in mist right now. You are wondering how the hell you are going to make it up there.


At this point most give up. ‘It’s just too hard, I don’t have a map and besides, you have to be a special kind of athlete to get up that mountain’, they tell themselves.


But what about if instead of only focusing at the top of the mountain and the part of the path you can’t clearly see right now, you simply went for a walk?


Just take one step and then another and another. You’ll start to see yourself moving up that mountain one step at a time and along the way the mist will clear and the path you need to take will start to unveil its self.


Most wannabe entrepreneurs fall into one of two categories. They either think big and are unable to break the idea in to small enough steps to be able to action so they get overwhelmed and give up. Or they are so stuck in the detail of their idea that they don’t really know why they are doing it, so they lose motivation and then give up.


The key to achieving your big, hairy audacious goal is not just to be able to dream big but to also be able to think small enough that you can take action.


Here are five steps to make your big idea happen.



1. Big Dreams

The first part of getting your idea off the ground is to be able to think big. Why is your idea important? Who will benefit? Why will they care? In what way is your idea going to help humanity?


Your idea needs to be big enough and important enough to you that it pulls you forward on the bad days, because those bad days will come….


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Create a compelling vision statement that tells you and others what the top of your mountain looks like. You’ll know you have it when it gives you goose bumps when you read it.


Next create a mission statement that tells the world what vehicle you are going to ride in to get to the top of your mountain. What will your business be like? What will it do? How will it do it?



2. Big Goals


We are now going to start to break your idea down a bit to make it more tangible and create one or two (maximum), Wildly Important Goals (WIG).


These goals will be big and important and when they are achieved they will move you closer towards the achievement of your idea.


Your goals will very likely have a duration of 12 months or more and will have a significant strategic impact on the achievement of your vision and mission.


They may relate to revenue or company culture or product development or strategic partnerships etc . They will be tangible and measureable and have a time limit on them.


i.e. Increase revenue from $150K per annum to $500K per annum by 30 June 2016.


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3. Your 90 Day Focus


Next create smaller 90 day goals that will help you to achieve your WIG’s.


Think about it in terms of, what mid-sized goals must I strive for over the next 90 days to move me closer to the achievement of my WIG?


If your WIG is to increase revenue then what activities must you focus on to ensure that this happens? What must your marketing activities be? What would you need to do to increase your operational capacity to deliver the additional revenue? What sales activities need to be improved?


Pick 3-6 mid sized goals to achieve this quarter and break them down into months.


For example if you want to increase revenue, one of your goals might look like this:


Month 1 – Design FaceBook advertising campaign, Month 2 – Run FaceBook campaign, Month 3 – Test, measure and adjust campaign.


4. What to do, Weekly Tasks


Your goals still need to be broken down further into manageable weekly tasks.


Each task should move you closer to achieving your 90 day goals. 


You’re starting to see how this works now, right? It’s about taking the big picture and breaking it down piece by piece into small enough chunks that you can actually start to make things happen.


If one of my 90 day goal is to run a FaceBook advertising campaign, this week my task might be to come up with a draft concept for the advertising campaign and ask for feedback.


Create five of these weekly goals every week and when you achieve them you will start to make progress upwards towards the top of your mountain.


5. Take Action!


All of the above steps are awesome planning tools, will help you become more targeted in how you approach and will definitely help to reduce your overwhelm; however this will all be for nothing if you don’t take action!


Your plan does not need to be perfect before you get started. You are better off implementing an imperfect plan than having a perfect plan that sits in a draw.


Ultimately the key to every successful business is planning AND taking action.


Take action each and every day and you will be surprised when you look round and see just how far up that mountain you have come.


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