Business Finance

Are you Letting Profit Leak From Your Business?

It’s often believed by business owners that to make more profit you have to find more customers. Well actually that’s not always the case. In many circumstances there is plenty of profit to be found from your existing clients simply by shifting your focus from adding more customers, to recovering the profit leaking out your business right now.…

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Cutting costs can make your business less profitable

When a business hits hard times, many small business owners will focus on cutting costs to turn their fortunes around and maintain their profits. Not all costs are made equally though and cutting some costs can ultimately lead to making less profit instead of more. During my years as an accountant I saw this pattern…

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Why You Need To Fall In Love With Your Numbers

Yesterday I was chatting to a business owner who had been in business for a number of years, employs 5 people and confessed to me that they still didn’t really understand their accounts.   This business owner is by no means unique, I hear this so often amongst small business owners. But the fact is…

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